The Columbia library system has many topical branches scattered around Columbia's campuses.

Geology Library, the reserved collection is relocated to the Science & Engineering Library in the Northwest Corner BuildingIts collection includes older geological journals. Upon request to the library, materials can be sent to the DEES office at Lamont and returned the same way.

Engineering Library, located on the fourth floor of Mudd Hall at Columbia's main Morningside Heights campus. Its collection covers subjects such as civil engineering, earthquake engineering, environmental engineering, mining, etc.

Georef is a publication indexing service that provides up-to-date bibliographic references to the worldwide earth science literature, including information on energy sources, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, groundwater pollution, dinosaurs, landslides, and erosion, as well as the history of the earth, the structure of the earth, the study of ore deposits, and geostatistics. GeoRef is only available to Columbia personnel and does not cover astrophysics, biology, meteorology, or climatology.