Undergraduate Major and Concentration Requirements

Earth Science

The Earth Science curriculum focuses on Earth's geological, tectonic, and hydrologic processes. These processes shape the the land, atmosphere, and oceans over millions of years, lead to the formation of fossil fuels and mineral deposits, and produce earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and other natural hazards.

Earth Science Major Requirements

Earth Science Concentration Requirements

Environmental Science

The Environmental Science curriculum focuses on the interaction between Earth's physical environment and the biosphere, on anthropogenic processes such as pollution and global climate change, and on remediation.

Environmental Science Major Requirements

Environmental Science Concentration Requirements

Requirements for Special Concentration in Environmental Biology for Environmental Science Majors

Requirements for Special Concentration in Environmental Science for Environmental Biology Majors

Senior Thesis Project

Environmental Science majors are required, and Earth Science majors are encouraged, to undertake a senior thesis project.

Departmental Honors

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences awards Departmental Honors to the major or majors in Earth Science or Environmental Science judged to have the best overall academic record. The award is accorded to no more than 10% of the graduating class, or one student in the case of a class smaller than 10. A grade point average of at least 3.6 and a senior thesis or equivalent research of high quality are required. Students who wish to be considered should contact the Director/Adviser of Undergraduate Studies early in their senior year.