Financial Assistance for Ph.D. Students

A comprehensive program of financial aid, including fellowships in teaching and research, is available to full-time Ph.D. students. The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences participates in the University's Faculty Fellowship program.  Extensive information on financial aid and fellowships is available on the Financial Aid and Fellowship pages of the GSAS website

Guaranteed 12 months salary support

As part of your admission package, every full-time graduate student in good standing has guaranteed tuition and stipend support for the 9-month academic year. Summer support is generally provided through sponsored research grants from the student's advisors or from external fellowships; however, in the rare event that a student is unable to obtain other support, the Department will fund the student's summer stipend.

Ph.D. Research Allowance

Each full time Ph.D. student in good standing receives $1000 per year in research support for a maximum of five years. These funds are intended to help students attend special meetings, travel for fieldwork, conduct analyses, buy computers or equipment - any reasonable research purpose. The funds are held by the department and students access them by submitting expense reports and receipts for their pre-approved research expenses to the department.  Annual increments are credited to the student accounts at the start of each academic year. Please refer to the Policies and Procedures doc and direct any questions regarding the PhD Research Allowance to to Sally Odland, the Department Business Manager.