Ph.D. in Earth & Environmental Sciences

The Ph.D. program aims to train broadly educated Earth scientists for careers in academia, research, government, and industry; along the way, our students move swiftly from receiving knowledge to creating it. All the facilities and equipment necessary for modern studies in the Earth sciences are available for the use of students in the department whose research is conducted at one of three affiliated institutions: the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, the American Museum of Natural History, or the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Department faculty, adjunct faculty, and Lamont Research Professors are all available as research advisors for doctoral students.  The Ph.D. program is a full-time program; students who can attend classes only in the late afternoons and evenings and on Saturdays or during the Summer Session may not matriculate in this department.  The application deadline for the Ph.D. program is January 5th.

Admissions Procedure for the Ph.D. Program

Financial Aid

Ph.D. Degree Requirements

Course Listings by Discipline


The department maintains a list of dissertation topics currently being researched by our Ph.D. candidates. Each student has an entry that includes a description of their dissertation topic (if one has been submitted) and the names of the faculty or researchers on their advisory committee.

Dissertation Topic List (Current Students)