How to Propose a New Course

How to Propose a New Course

New Course Proposals to DEES

Please Submit to the Curriculum Committee:

  1. ~ One Page Rationale – please include the following (see example):

Rationale for the new course – what instructional need is being filled? Instructional goals/philosophy – what will students gain from this course? Expected enrollments/audience – who will take this course?

Non-majors? Majors? DEES Grads? Other Depts/Schools/Colleges?

Justify level –undergrad (1000-3000), grad (≥ 6000), both (≥ 4000)? Pre-requisites – what is the ideal preparation for the student?

Where does this fit within the UG/Grad curric? Requirements? Depth/Breadth?

How does this relate to other courses within the Discipline (grad) or Track (UG)? Please provide a list of related courses, and how these courses relates

How does this course differ in content and goal from other related courses? Course funneling – what courses are feeders, and what courses could follow on?

Instructor commitments - are there resources? What are existing teaching commitments? Scheduling – what other courses should be sequenced/alternated/avoided in overlap?

  1. Proposed Course Syllabus –It should include (see example):

Title, Proposed EESC number, number of credits, Instructor information Course Description – for catalog. May also include goals, overview

Pre-requisites – please include these as guidance for students; they are not restrictive Required Readings, Expectations/Assignments/Basis for Evaluation

Provisional list of topics/weekly schedule

  1. Course Description for the Bulletin: (see examples):

Title, Proposed EESC number, number of credits


Pithy Description

Deadlines for submission to DEES Curriculum Committee

Fall courses: DEES Curricum Committee mid-Feb (COI mid-March)

Spring courses: DEES Curricum Committee mid-Sept (COI mid-October)

Summer courses: DEES Curricum Committee mid-Oct (COI mid-November)

Procedure: After submission to Curriculum Committee, proposals receive feedback, and if recommended, are forwarded to the DEES Faculty for vote. Successful proposals are then submitted to College Committee on Instruction. Courses # 4000 and below go to Columbia College.  Courses #4000 and above go to GSAS.

  1. After Approval by DEES Faculty, Please Reach out to Carol Mountain to help Complete Forms needed for submittal to Committees on Instruction