Natalie T. Boelman

Lamont Associate Research Professor
Natalie T. Boelman
Lamont Associate Research Professor
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Biology and Paleo Environment
128B Marine Biology
61 Route 9W - PO Box 1000


(845) 365-8480


(845) 365-8150

Research Statement: 

The main goals of my research are to better understand:

  • the ways in which the composition, physical structure, and phenology of Arctic vegetation are changing in response to climate change (Project websites: NASA: Forest-Tundra Ecotone, and, NASA: LiDAR and tundra shrubs)

  •  how these changes impact resident and migratory animals and in turn how animals mediate climate-induced change in the region (Project websites: NSF: TeamBird,  NASA: Animals on the Move, and NSF: TeamVole)

  • how near and remote-sensing techniques can be used to study dynamics in ecological form and function (see above projects)



List of Degrees from highest to lowest
Ph.D. in Earth & Environmental Sciences
Columbia University
M.A. in Earth & Environmental Sciences
Columbia University
Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography
McGill University

Primary Discipline: 

Victoria Diaz-Bonilla (former Senior Thesis student, DEES)
Elizabeth Tupper (former Senior Thesis student, Barnard College)
Adam Formica (current Senior Thesis student, DEES)
Lacey-Harris-Coble (current Senior Thesis student, E3B)
Case Prager (current PhD Student, E3B)
Jess Gersony (current Senior Thesis student, E3B)
Rebecca Gibson (current Senior Thesis student, E3B)
Selected Publications:
NDVI as a predictor of canopy arthropod biomass in the Alaskan arctic tundra, Sweet, S.; Asmus, A.; Rich, M.E.; Gough, L.; Wingfield, J.C.; Boelman, N.T. Ecological Applications (2015)
Greater deciduous shrub abundance extends the annual period of maximum tundra greenness and increases modeled net CO2 uptake, Sweet, S.; Griffin, K.L.; Steltzer, H.; Gough, L.; Boelman, N.T. Global Change Biology (2015)
Tall deciduous shrubs offset delayed start of growing season through rapid leaf development in the Alaskan arctic tundra, Sweet, S. K.; Gough, L.; Griffin, K. L.; Boelman, N. T. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 09/2014, Volume: 46, Issue: 3 p.: 16 (2014) DOI:
Greater shrub dominance alters breeding habitat and food resources for migratory songbirds in Alaskan arctic tundra, Boelman, N.T., L.;Gough, J.C.,Wingfield; S., Goetz, A. Asmus; H.E., Chmura; J.S., Krause; J.H., Perez; S.K., Sweet; K.C., Guay Global Change Biology (2014)
Maximum photosynthetic electron transport decreases down slope in a small Arctic watershed, Griffin, K.L.; D.J. Epstein; Boelman, N.T. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, Volume: 45, Issue: 1 p.: 10 (2013)
Arctic arthropod assemblages in habitats of differing shrub dominance, Rich, M.E.; L. Gough; Boelman, N.T. Ecography, Volume: 36 (2013) 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2012.00078.x
Urban heat island effect in New York City promotes growth in Northern red oak seedlings, Searle, S.Y.; M. H. Turnbull; Boelman, N.T.; William S.F. Schuster; Dan Yakir; and K.L. Griffin. Tree Physiology, Volume: 32, Issue: 4 p.: 11 (2012) 10.1093/treephys/tps027
Does NDVI reflect variation in the structural attributes associated with increasing shrub dominance in arctic tundra?, Boelman, N.T., Gough, L., McLaren, J.R., Greaves, H. Environmental Research Letters, Volume: 6 (2011)
Understanding burn severity sensing in Arctic tundra: Exploring vegetation indices, sub-optimal assessment timing and the impact of increasing pixel size, Boelman, N.T., Rocha, A.V. and Shaver, G.R. International Journal of Remote Sensing, Volume: iFirst p.: 1-24 (2011)
Multi-trophic invasion resistance in Hawaii: Bioacoustics, field surveys, and airborne remote sensing, Boelman, N. T.; Asner, G. P.; Hart, P. J.; Martin, R. E. Ecological Applications Dec, Volume: 17, Issue: 8 p.: 2137-2144 (2007)
Inter-annual variability of NDVI in response to long-term warming and fertilization in wet sedge and tussock tundra, Boelman, N. T.; Stieglitz, M.; Griffin, K. L.; Shaver, G. R. Oecologia May, Volume: 143, Issue: 4 p.: 588-597 (2005) DOI 10.1007/s00442-005-0012-9
Photosynthesis and reflectance indices for rainforest species in ecosystems undergoing progression and retrogression along a soil fertility chronosequence in New Zealand, Whitehead, D.; Boelman, N. T.; Turnbull, M. H.; Griffin, K. L.; Tissue, D. T.; Barbour, M. M.; Hunt, J. E.; Richardson, S. J.; Peltzer, D. A. Oecologia Jun, Volume: 144, Issue: 2 p.: 233-244 (2005) DOI 10.1007/s00442-005-0068-6
Response of NDVI, biomass, and ecosystem gas exchange to long-term warming and fertilization in wet sedge tundra, Boelman, N. T.; Stieglitz, M.; Rueth, H. M.; Sommerkorn, M.; Griffin, K. L.; Shaver, G. R.; Gamon, J. A. Oecologia May, Volume: 135, Issue: 3 p.: 414-421 (2003) DOI 10.1007/s00442-003-1198-3