All department faculty and affiliated researchers are available as potential graduate advisors.

Associate Professor

Global ocean circulation and its role in climate; ocean turbulence and mesoscale eddies; mixing and transport processes.

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Newberry Professor

Using isotopes to better understand the role of the oceans in climate change.

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G. Unger Vetlesen Professor Emeritus of Earth & Climate Sciences

Tropical oceanography, climate modeling, paleoclimate, impacts of climate on society, El Niño forecasting, data analysis methods.

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Using stable isotopic and trace metal (Mg/Ca) analyses of marine sediment to reconstruct past changes in ocean circulation and terrestrial climate.

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Microbial oceanography; environmental genomics; microbial biogeochemistry, phytoplankton physiological ecology; phosphorus cycling; ocean acidification; climate; eutrophication; harmful algal blooms.

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Lamont Research Professor

Impact of climate change on phytoplankton productivity and biodiversity and on biogeochemical processes; ocean carbon cycling and air-sea CO2 fluxes.

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Higgins Professor

Isotope geology.

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Ocean stratification, circulation and mixing and the ocean's role in Earth's climate system.

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Geochronology, sedimentary geochemistry, paleoclimate, continental crust evolution.

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Associate Professor

Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, biology.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Plankton ecology; phytoplankton growth and physiology; zooplankton grazing; harmful algae; dinoflagellate blooms; physical/biological interactions; nutrient/microbial pollution of coastal waters; sea-ice algae.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Analyses of climate fields based on historical, instrumental and paleoclimatic data; El Nino and Southern Oscillation; ocean data assimilation; statistical studies of climate variability from observations and models.

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Lamont Research Professor

Generating paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic reconstructions to place the current change in temporal context.

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Lamont Research Professor

Oceans and their role in climate; onset and termination of ice ages.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Paleoclimatology; paleoaltimetry; organic geochemistry; isotope geochemistry.

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Bruce C. Heezen Lamont Research Professor

Paleoclimatology, marine geology; history and causes of climate change in the Earth's past.

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Professor Emeritus

Aqueous geochemistry, physical oceanography, climate, contaminant transport.

Palisades Geophysical Institute (PGI) Lamont Research Professor

Hydroclimate variability and change; causes of drought; seasonal to decadal climate variability.

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Lamont Research Professor

Chemical and physical oceanography, tracing ocean circulation and mixing using anthropogenic trace gases, Arctic oceanography.

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Ewing Lamont Research Professor

CO2 cycling through oceans and atmosphere; industrial CO2 accumulation.

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Lamont Research Professor
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Lamont Research Professor

Marine geochemistry, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, tracer oceanography, dust, paleoclimate.

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Lamont Assistant Research Professor
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Lamont Research Professor

Antarctic atmosphere, ocean, and sea ice/glacial ice fields.

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Lamont Research Professor

Air-sea interaction; wave dynamics & wave breaking; effect of near-surface turbulence on heat, gas, and momentum transport; infrared remote sensing; upper-ocean, coastal and estuarine processes.

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