All department faculty and affiliated researchers are available as potential graduate advisors.

Palisades Geophysical Institute (PGI) Lamont Research Professor

Ice sheet dynamics and mass balance; continental dynamics; estuarine processes; linkages between ice sheet processes and subglacial geology.

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Lamont Research Professor

Development of theoretical models for processes that affect the solid earth.

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Bruce C. Heezen Lamont Research Professor

Marine geophysics; mid-ocean ridges; multi-channel seismics; Hudson estuary.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Marine geophysics, seismic imaging, submarine active fault systems, mid-ocean ridges.

Lamont Associate Research Professor
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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Interplay between large-scale geophysical processes and the microbial biosphere; spatial variations in the tidal triggering of microearthquakes within ridge systems.

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Lamont Research Professor

Positional and physical geodesy using space-based and satellite techniques; applications of space geodesy to studies of geophysics, climate, ice sheets, glacier dynamics and kinematics, and the atmosphere.

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Global earthquake seismology, including detailed study of individual earthquake ruptures, and the relationship between seismicity and large scale tectonic deformation of the crust and mantle over geologic time.

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Lamont Research Professor

Earthquake seismology; geodynamics.

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Lamont Research Professor
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Lamont Associate Research Professor

The intersection of rock physics, seismology, and geodynamics.

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Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor


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Assistant Professor

For details of my research interests visit jkingslake.

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Associate Professor
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Lamont Research Professor

Earthquakes in stable continental regions; regional seismic wave propagation; monitoring underground nuclear explosions; observational seismology.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Using space geodesy, specifically GPS, to study plate tectonics and earthquakes at plate boundaries.

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Adjunct Professor

Seismology; focusing on upper mantle structures.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor
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Adjunct Professor

Gas hydrates and methanogenesis in continental margin sediments; quantitative stratigraphy and the geological time scale; geophysical inversion methods.

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Seismology, volcanology, data analysis, inverse theory.

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Mid-ocean ridge and rift tectonics.

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Associate Professor

Glacial earthquakes.

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Executive Vice President for Research

Michael Purdy assumed the role of Executive Vice President for Research on February 1, 2011.

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Professor Emeritus

Theory of seismic wave propagation; physics of earthquakes; Earth's inner core; improvements in estimating earthquake locations; monitoring underground nuclear explosions, nuclear arms control.

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Lamont Assistant Research Professor

Magma chamber dynamics and magma transport; time scales of magmatic processes; subduction zone volcanism.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Using field work, laboratory experiments, and numerical models to study the evolution of fault structure, strength and stability.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Earthquake detection, location, repeating events, and velocity changes.

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Professor Emeritus


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Lamont Research Professor

Earthquake physics; nonlinear dynamics.

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Lamont Research Professor

Rifted margins; subduction zones; wide-angle reflection/refraction seismology; multi-channel seismic reflection data.

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Lamont Research Professor

Marine geophysics; remote sensing; population and environment.

William B. Ransford Professor of Earth and Planetary Science

Geophysics, planetary science

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Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor

Dynamic fluid flow, from magma migration theory to sedimentary basins and groundwater hydrology.

Lamont Associate Research Professor

Geomorphology, tectonics, sedimentology, hydrology, tropical meteorology.

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Lamont Research Professor

Tectonics of sedimentary basins; isostasy; stratigraphic modeling; marine geophysics.

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Higgins Professor Emeritus

Earthquake studies, control of nuclear weapons, tectonics, natural hazards.

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Marine geophysics

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Lamont Research Professor

Earthquake seismology, seismotectonics of active plate boundaries, real-time seismology.

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Jerome M. Paros Senior Research Scientist of Observational Geophysics

Marine seismology, ocean mantle dynamics, marine electromagnetism.

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