All department faculty and affiliated researchers are available as potential graduate advisors.

Ewing Lamont Research Professor

Chemical oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, paleoclimatology.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Soils, aqueous geochemistry, sediment redox cycling, biogeochemistry, mineralogy, applications of spectroscopy in earth sciences.

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Newberry Professor

Using isotopes to better understand the role of the oceans in climate change.

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Lamont Research Professor

Environmental geochemistry; role of particles in the transport, behavior and fate of chemical contaminants; public health.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Solid Earth Geochemistry and Dynamics.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

My research is geared toward understanding global climate change, including current anthropogenic driven changes and past changes to the Earth System.  I investigate the natural modes and underlying forcing mechanisms of past climate variability, with the goal...

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Understanding the role of microorganisms as agents of biogeochemical transformations, and the reciprocal role of nutrients availability on the distribution, growth and productivity of microplankton.

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Microbial oceanography; environmental genomics; microbial biogeochemistry, phytoplankton physiological ecology; phosphorus cycling; ocean acidification; climate; eutrophication; harmful algal blooms.

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Higgins Professor

Isotope geology.

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Curator, AMNH

Crystal chemistry; subduction zone mineralogy-petrology-geochemistry; gem deposits; high-pressure mineralogy.


Geochronology, sedimentary geochemistry, paleoclimate, continental crust evolution.

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Associate Professor

Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, biology.

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Lamont Research Professor

Quaternary and glacial geology; geomorphology; geochronology; paleoclimatology; ice sheet dynamics; limnogeology; cosmogenic surface exposure dating.

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Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor


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Lamont Associate Research Professor
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Lamont Research Professor

Generating paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic reconstructions to place the current change in temporal context.

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Curator, AMNH

Petrologic evolution of layered mafic intrusions; geochemistry of the volatile elements in mafic and ultramafic systems; thermodynamics of sulfide systems; geochemistry of the platinum group elements; mantle petrology; the geochemistry of carbon; surface chemistry.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor
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Professor McKinley studies the mechanisms of the carbon cycle in the global oceans and Great Lakes, with her research lying at the intersection of physical and chemical oceanography. Her primary tools are numerical models and analysis of large datasets. More specifically, her research addresses...

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Research Scientist

Some of my projects include:

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Lamont Associate Research Professor
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Lamont Assistant Research Professor
Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor

Geochemistry, igneous petrology.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Paleoclimatology; paleoaltimetry; organic geochemistry; isotope geochemistry.

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Bruce C. Heezen Lamont Research Professor

Paleoclimatology, marine geology; history and causes of climate change in the Earth's past.

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Lamont Assistant Research Professor

Magma chamber dynamics and magma transport; time scales of magmatic processes; subduction zone volcanism.

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Lamont Research Professor

Application of isotope physics on environmental processes; Mass spectrometry; Dynamics of earth surface processes and their interaction with climate; Paleoclimate.

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Professor Emeritus

Aqueous geochemistry, physical oceanography, climate, contaminant transport.

Lamont Research Professor

Chemical and physical oceanography, tracing ocean circulation and mixing using anthropogenic trace gases, Arctic oceanography.

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Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor

Dynamic fluid flow, from magma migration theory to sedimentary basins and groundwater hydrology.

Lamont Associate Research Professor

Magmatic fluxes in subduction zones.

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Isotope hydrology, water resources, paleoclimate.

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Ewing Lamont Research Professor

CO2 cycling through oceans and atmosphere; industrial CO2 accumulation.

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Lamont Research Professor

Geochemical cycling of trace elements in natural and perturbed environments; environmental, past climate change, and health and social sciences applications.

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Higgins Professor Emeritus

Examination of the chemical and physical evolution of the terrestrial planets by the methods of experimental petrology; development of new experimental techniques and new materials.

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Lamont Research Professor

Marine geochemistry, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, tracer oceanography, dust, paleoclimate.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Environmental geochemistry; exposure to environmental organic contaminants and breathable particulate matter and their heath outcomes. Paleoclimate; reconstruction of paleofire history.

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