Atmospheric Science

All department faculty and affiliated researchers are available as potential graduate advisors.

Lamont Associate Research Professor

Tropical climate: dynamics of ITCZs and monsoons. Past and future anthropogenic climate change, especially over Africa. Adaptation to climate change in developing countries.

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Assistant Professor
Lamont Research Professor

Tropical cyclones, hurricanes, climate variability and change.

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Interactions among regional air pollution, global atmospheric chemistry, climate, and the biosphere; chemistry-climate and tropospheric chemistry-transport modeling.

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Adjunct Associate Professor

Climate change in the semi-arid tropics, climatic and human determinants of environmental change, impacts/vulnerability/adaptation.

Adjunct Professor

Climate prediction, near term climate change, ENSO.

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Lamont Research Professor

Diagnostic analysis of climate variability; climate impacts; climate predictability; ocean-atmosphere interaction.

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Adjunct Professor

Atmospheric and climate dynamics.

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Atmospheric and climate dynamics; geophysical fluid dynamics; numerical methods for weather and climate modeling; planetary atmospheres.

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Lamont Associate Research Professor

Climate dynamics; climate change; hydrological cycle.

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Senior Research Scientist

Regional climate variability, predictability and change; probabilistic daily rainfall modeling; predictability of weather-within-climate; climate downscaling methodologies; climate risk management.

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Palisades Geophysical Institute (PGI) Lamont Research Professor

Hydroclimate variability and change; causes of drought; seasonal to decadal climate variability.

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Lamont Research Professor

Late-Holocene paleoclimatology; land-atmosphere interactions; proxy-process modeling; statistical climatology.

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Atmospheric and climate dynamics, tropical meteorology.

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Lamont Research Professor

Atmospheric impacts of global climate change at regional scales; dynamics of naturally occuring and anthropogenically-forced climate changes, droughts and floods; regional climate modeling.

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Lamont Research Professor

Antarctic atmosphere, ocean, and sea ice/glacial ice fields.

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Lamont Research Professor

Air-sea interaction; wave dynamics & wave breaking; effect of near-surface turbulence on heat, gas, and momentum transport; infrared remote sensing; upper-ocean, coastal and estuarine processes.

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