Logan Brenner

Graduate Student
Logan Brenner
Graduate Research Fellow
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Biology and Paleo Environment
105G Geoscience
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Research Statement: 

My paleoclimatology/paleoceanography research focuses on using fossil and modern corals to reconstruct past climate conditions. My goal is to enhance our understanding of past climate, particularly ocean conditions, through the geochemical analysis of corals. I am specifically interested in abrupt, millenial climate change and glacial/interglacial transitions. 

At the moment I am studying modern and fossil corals from the Great Barrier Reef using stable d18O analysis to compare the Last Glacial Maximum and current interglacial phase. Furthermore, the fossil corals have not yet been used in paleoclimate studies so another important focus of the project is to determine the best sampling methodology and expand the arsenal of corals used in future analyses. 


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