First Annual Seismology Student Workshop

We propose to hold the first Student Workshop at Lamont, organized by graduate students, for graduate students, on March 2nd 2013 (the day immediately following the second Graduate Student Symposium, also hosted at Lamont). Unlike the general earth science symposium, this workshop will be more focused on specific technical details of different methodologies of seismic analysis and provide students a chance to discuss existing and newly developed methods for interrogating seismic data.


This workshop is open to all US graduate students interested in seismology.

The emphasis of this workshop will be an opportunity to build personal connections between students in top-level departments to encourage a strong network of working relationships among young scientists, with a view to fostering future collaboration opportunities.


The workshop will comprise nine 25 minute talks, each followed by a 5min discussion.

 9:50 Ice Breaker

10:00 Anna Foster, LDEO
Surface-wave phase-velocity maps and the challenges of overtone interference

10:30 Youyi Ruan, Brown
Towards a simultaneous inversion for 3D anelasticity and wave speed using surface waves

11:00 Coffee Break

11:20 Hejun Zhu, Princeton
Wavespeed and attenuation structure of the European upper mantle based on adjoint tomography

11:50 Yu Chen, Stony Brook
Slip History of Global Major Deep-focus earthquakes

12:20 Lunch Time

1:00 Chunquan Yu, MIT
A New Method to Image the Moho: Virtual Deep Seismic Sounding (VDSS)

1:30 Erin Wirth, Yale
Mantle wedge anisotropy in the Japan and Ryukyu subduction zones from
teleseismic receiver functions – Implications for mantle flow and wedge hydration

2:00 Heather Ford, Brown
The Effects of Anisotropy on Sp Receiver Functions

2:30 Coffee Break

2:50 Xiaojun Chen, Yale
Observations of quasi-Love waves in Tibet: implications for mantle anisotropy of Central Asia

3:20 Shuoshuo Han, LDEO
3D Multichannel Seismic Imaging of Off-Axis Melt Lenses at the East Pacific Rise

3:50 Conclusion, Personal Discussion


Deadline for abstract submission: Feb. 15th

Deadline for registration: Feb. 24th

Registration link:


Students attending both events (Symposium and Workshop) are assumed to pay for their own accommodation. If you find it difficult to afford it alone, we can help you to find a roommate.

Travelling to the Workshop

Please refer to this link:



Please email Ge Jin ( for more questions.