Seismology Student Workshop

LDEO’s Seismology Student Workshop is the only student-focused, student-led seismology workshop in the country. Entirely run by students, the workshop brings together fifty graduate students from the US, Canada, and Mexico to present and discuss their research amongst peers in a collegial and supportive environment.

The sixth annual Student Seismology Workshop will be held at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, NY in March 2018, more details to come!

The two-day workshop in spring 2018 will focus on sharing seismic and geologic analysis methodologies to provide a forum in which to learn existing and newly developed techniques for interrogating seismic data and to allow student discussion of their science career-building experiences, including short courses and internships. The workshop will feature a combination of oral and poster presentations combined with discussion sections structured by common areas of interest. As at our previous workshops, the 2018 workshop will provide participants with all meals and lodging.

The Student Seismology Workshop is open to all graduate students in fields related to seismology including, but not limited to: tomography, active source seismology, rock mechanics, anisotropy, receiver functions, and earthquake seismology. You can find links to previous years’ agendas below.







Please email the Student Seismology Workshop team if you have any questions!


Sponsored by the Seismological Society of America and Columbia University’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.